Winding Roads

The True Teshuva Process

This 120 page Sefer/Kuntres, provides an eye opening lesson in what true Teshuva means. It teaches how to become a true servant of Hashem. Living in today's world, almost everyone falls... Doing proper teshuva in a world of confusion and chaos back be frustrating.
The way back to Hashem is mapped out in the Or Layisharim in a clear way. And the Kivrosh Ra'anan at the end, adds the relevant tweaks taught by the Torah greats (Sephardi, Ashkenazi and Chassidish) of more recent times.
By learning them together, one realizes what his obligations are and is shown how to properly pursue a life that will allow him to cleanse himself from his sins. And with the help of Hashem arrive in Olam Haba without too many worries.